Love + Radio

Writing, Production & Photography – Sam Wittwer
Publisher – Need Supply Co.

If I were to write this as a traditional magazine profile, I would begin with a meandering and vague description of the setting in which my conversation with Nick van der Kolk, creator and host of the highly acclaimed Love + Radio podcast, took place. I would note that our conversation occurred in van der Kolk’s charming apartment which he shares with his even more so charming wife. Or that it took place on a particularly warm Wednesday in early February. But I feel most compelled to begin by making it clear that Nick van der Kolk loves radio. While discussing the narrative structure of a particularly well loved radio program, van der Kolk mentions as an aside that he often comes off a bit too critical when quoted discussing other radio programs in interviews. In the context of our conversation, it is abundantly clear that he holds the work of his fellow radio and podcast producers in the highest regard. He did, after all, name his show Love + Radio.

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